Character Animation Development & Consulting

If you are looking for animation consultant, character consultant or comedy consulting, then you have come to the right place. I have developed workshops for character animation consulting and development.

Because my background is in specifically CHARACTER IMPROVISATION, I have developed workshops to help creative companies strengthen their character development, primarily for animation studios.

Using variety of techniques along with character improv, including clowning, Commedia, and Lecoq, we explore the ways a character expresses, moves, acts, reacts, and thinks. 

I also provide something I call LIVE CHARACTER CLAY, where improvisational actors embody characters and perform interactions tailored to specific moments of a script or story. Interacting with these actors adds an entirely different dimension as they are able to communicate what the character is experiencing from the 'inside' - what feels authentic, true, and real for them and what feels fake or forced.

Using the language of improv and physical theater, animators and actors can communicate about the characters and story on a variety of levels - the physical, emotional, and philosophical. They can also improvise spontaneous scenes to discover new moments for comedy, relationship, and deeper character development.