First there was PayPal. Then Venmo. Now there's GALPAL.

GALPAL is an app that - like VENMO - allows people to easily send money to one another, securely linked to banking institutions. Just like Venmo. But it's better than Venmo.

GALPAL's mission is to add a nominal fee - pennies - to every transaction and that money will all go toward forwarding women's causes around the globe. Microloans, education for girls, abolishing sex trafficking, for example. The list is endless, as will the the possibilities to help.

GALPAL will also not operate the way PayPal currently does, which many now perceive as, well, shady. Holding our money and reaping benefits from it. They have even been associated with selling client info for datascaming and phonespamming. GALPAL pledges never to do any of that. There's no one at the end of this chain that is trying to make a buck - or worse - off anyone.

Instead, the mission is to provide a conscious alternative to Venmo AND allow people to help support real and lasting change at the same time.