Recently while teaching a group of 10th graders some improv, one of the girls asked me what I did. As is always the case with me, I start by explaining that I actually do a lot of different things and have several businesses. Her eyes got really big and she was clearly excited, "wait, you're an ENTREPENEAUR??!!! WOW I want to do that too!" It made me laugh...but then I thought about it. In a way, that's exactly who I am. I had never set out to be one but it became clear quite early on, there has never been just ONE thing I wanted to do. As made completely obvious by this site. I feel lucky and grateful to have been able to create - to turn my interests, passions, and investigations into THINGS. Businesses, communicable structures, and places for like-minded people to go.

I am from St. Louis, Missouri and still a very proud Cardinals fan. I attended both UCI and UCLA, still a very proud Bruin (sorry Anteaters but...really?)  I worked in "the biz" in Hollywood, proud to have been able to walk onto the Disney Studios lot for several years. I became a Groundlings Main Company member, very proud to be an alumna from there. I moved to NYC for 10 years, being a New Yorker will always be a badge of honor and run in my veins. 

I stumbled upon improv after graduating from UCLA and learned from the best of the best at The Groundlings. While there I performed in the weekly sketch & improv main shows almost non-stop for six years straight. I learned an infinite amount from that experience, cramming what feels like a lifetime of experience into a decade. Before leaving the company, I assembled some of my favorite improvisers and created with them The Crazy Uncle Joe Show which is now the longest running improv show in LA. I studied with greats like Jeff Michalski and Jane Morris of Second City, and Stan Wells from Empty Stage. 

I moved to NYC and started teaching which soon begat an improv school, Improvolution, which is still there in the West Village passing along the tradition of character-based improv. After being asked by students to bring improv into their companies, I developed a specific program for businesses and started iMergence, a Corporate Education company using improvisation. While teaching there I began working with my women students to try to crack a pervasive and evasive trend I couldn't ignore that I had been tracking for many years both in improv classes and while working at Comedy Central - "the good girl". It led to a talk (Good Girls Aren't Funny) for improv women which became a talk for anyone and everyone. I've given it all over the US and abroad, and created a workshop series to go along with it. Most recently, I have developed another talk that address gender expectations for men and women and how it keeps us all from our edge and highest potentials.

Coming back to LA a few years ago, I performed back at The Groundlings in various shows including "WigProv" with Drew Droege, and "The Horn Section" with Ryan Gaul, Scott Beehner, and Jimmie Fowlie. I was a the Main Company director of their seasonal sketch & improv revues, as well as one of the directors of "The Gale". I was a senior teacher at the school and served many years on the school’s Steering Committee.

I also started my own improv drop-in studios (The Lowbar) and am starting up a new improv project in LA.

I have also enjoyed using character improv to help animation studios improve and explore their work and the dimensions of their animated characters.

Currently, I’m writing some books, traveling and teaching all over, and trying to catch up on as many streaming series as I can. There’s too many! It’s not fair!

Phew, ok I think that might be it. So that's me in a nutshell. For now.

Please enjoy my site and I hope to hear from you!