If it's improv, comedy, creativity, business, organizational change, or gender issues, I'm interested.


Holly Mandel

I remember graduating from UCLA wondering what on earth I would actually DO with my brand new major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. Weirdly - or maybe not so weirdly - everything I do now stems and connects back to it.

Improv to me is a philosophy to live life by.  It provides tools so elemental and beneficial for just about every single thing we do as humans, I feel it should be taught alongside Science and Math in middle school. It influences and infiltrates all my work and my perspective. You have to understand people and culture to understand improv. You have to track and intuit values and motives.

I also see it as both a means AND an end - it's a process that can transport people and groups in my corporate work as well as a profound and timely art form that connects performers to their audience, erasing the boundaries between "us" and "them", creating an entirely unique, unifying, and powerful experience for all.

I now get to travel across the US and abroad teaching improv, giving my Good Girls Aren't Funny talks and workshops, and running corporate training sessions for companies looking for lasting change and new ways to create and stay ahead of the game.

Underneath all of it, I want to inspire people to grow. Let go. Trust. Learn. Listen. Become who they want to become. Create what they've dreamed of creating. Find new ways to collaborate with other like-minded people to build something that's more expansive than the sum of its parts.





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